URadio Podcast Ep 009 Feb 03 2012
Spider, Franzene, and Camille is back and this time they talk about the last Miss University search, the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, and the month of hearts. They also talked about some tips on gifts and dating, or the lack of it. Enjoy


URadio Podcast Ep 008 Jan 13 2012.mp3

Franzene, Spider, and Camille talks about video scandals, the recent photoshoot of the Miss University 2012, and even the Bourne Legacy. The trio then went on to reveal their favorite movies of all time. Being candidates, the two ladies share some thoughts about tne nearing pageant too.


URadio Podcast Ep. 007 Jan. 6, 2012

First podcast this year. We talk about the past holiday, the upcoming things to watch out for, including upcoming movies like Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit. We also talked about the upcoming Miss University and what Franzene and Camille are doing about it. Happy new year!


URadio Podcast Ep. 006 Dec. 16, 2011
Both of my cohosts, Camille and Franzene are both joining Miss U! We talk also about Gaga and Madonna, tupig making, new year’s resolutions, Rakizta Jam, simbang gabi,and many more.


URadio Podcast Ep. 005 Dec. 9, 2011
Spider is joined by Joseph and Lovely on U-Radio’s 5th podcast. We discuss the “Mary” image on the sinking belltower, beauty pageants, and Astronomy. Also, the search for Miss U is nearing.


URadio Podcast Ep. 004 Dec. 2, 2011
Echo joins Franzene and Spider as they talk about coffee, Piolo and KC, Bamboo going solo, the upcoming 80th Foundation, and many more. URadio gains ground as it is now in its 4th testing week.


URadio Podcast Ep 003 Nov 25 2011
Franzene and Spider talks about GMA’s arrest, American Music Awards 2011, Christmas preparations, and a lot more. Also includes some interview clips from Sir Lenin, Shermon and Echo.


URadio Podcast Ep 002 Nov 18 2011
Franzene and Camille join Spider as they talk more about the latest happenings in and around Ilocos Norte, Philippines, and the world, Breaking Dawn, Bieber, and Bradley Cooper.


URadio Podcast Ep 001 Nov 11 2011
Spider and Josh initiates the U-Radio podcasts. Although in its initial stages (beta testing), the duo aims to inform and discuss. They talk about Android, smartphones, Ilocos Norte film tourism, and the latest news in general.